Them: Macho Man Randy Savage Dead -- Dies In Car Accident |

Macho Man Randy Savage-- one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time -- died today in a car accident in Seminole, Florida. TMZ has learned. TMZ spoke with.

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Dead Man's Gun - Wikipedia Dead Man's Gun was a western anthology series that ran on Showtime from 1997 to 1999. The series followed the travels of a gun as it passed to a new character in each.

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They met on a dating site and went bowling. It was a setup. But the criminals are getting smarter, too. And on dating sites, would-be scammers have a trump card: People are irrational when they’re looking for love.

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Dan Kneen dead: Isle of Man TT rider dies in superbike. Dan Kneen, the popular Isle of Man TT road racer, has died after an accident in practice during this year’s practice for the island’s famous event.

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Radstock death: Three murder arrests as man found dead. Three men have been arrested on suspicion of murdering a man who was found dead in Somerset. Avon and Somerset Police said officers were called to a.

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Dead Sea Scrolls - Wikipedia The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a series of twelve caves around the site known as Wadi Qumran near the Dead Sea in the West Bank (of the Jordan River) between.

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Missouri elects dead man as senator | The Independent Citizens of Missouri have elected a dead man to the Senate, choosing Governor Mel Carnahan - who was killed three weeks ago in a plane crash - over.

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Dead Man's Burden | Netflix In 1870, a homesteader wants to sell her family farm in New Mexico and move, but the return of her presumed-dead brother derails her plans. Watch trailers.

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Toronto police ID dead man in photo linked to Bruce. Toronto police have identified the mystery man in a photo found on Bruce McArthur's computer during their investigation of the alleged serial killer.