Them: Republican Debate: Read the Transcript of the Primetime.

KELLY: As for the candidates who will be answering those questions? Here they are. Positioned on the stage by how they stand in the polls, in the center of.

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Tiger Woods 40th Birthday Interview - Tiger Woods was raised to be a champion. Groomed by a father who put a golf club in his hands before he could walk, Woods has been one of the most dominant.

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No Fuss Parenting – Teach Kids to Sit Still Teaching my kids to sit still is the best thing I ever did as a parent, and by sit still I really mean to sit quietly on my lap or beside me with minimal fidgeting.

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What's the right age for parents to get their kids a cell. What's the right age for parents to get their kids a cell phone? Get expert advice and tips from Common Sense Media editors.

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Reading Rockets | Launching Young Readers Books, activities, apps and more to help kids learn how our government works

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Why Your Step-kids Hate You (and What to Do About It. So, your step-kids hate you. Learn why they're acting up and and what your options are for doing something about it.

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Talking to Your Child About Drugs - KidsHealth Just as you inoculate your kids against illnesses like measles, you can help 'immunize' them against drug use by giving them the facts now.